Iguazú Falls – Argentina/ Brazil

Iguazú falls are a set of 275 waterfalls that run along 2 kilometers and fall from different heights. They are located on Iguazú river,  on the border between Argentina and Brazil, immersed in the “misionera” jungle, one of the regions with greatest biodiversity in the continent. They are protected by Iguazú National Park, in Puerto Iguazú City and Iguaçú National Park, in Foz do Iguazú City, both declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Its location on the border of Brazil and Argentina, offer the possibility to live different experiences at the same time that you visit two different countries. From the argentinian side you will be able to enjoy a close up  to waterfalls, feeling the water on your skin. From brazilian side, you will have a panoramic view of this wonder, perfect to take the best photos.

Through different trails and circuits you will come into contact with nature, exploring unique species and discovering each waterfall, until you reach “Devil’s throat”,  the main waterfall of Iguazú, 80 meters in height and generate a thundering sound and sprays of water that reach up to 7 kilometers away.

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