One of the planet’s most breathtaking sights…


One of the natural highlights and most breathtaking sights of South America, Iguazu Falls.  Spanning 2.7 kilometers, Iguazu Falls is made up of 275 waterfalls or cataracts, located in Iguazu National Park, with water cascades as far as the eye can see, some massive and powerful, some small and elegant, nearly three times as wide as Niagara Falls and significantly wider still than Victoria Falls.  The amount of water pouring from these falls to the Iguazu River is equally staggering. On average, about 1,500 cubic meters of water flows every second.

The waterfalls, are both named Iguazu, which literally means “big water” in native Guarani Indian language. The Guarani population have been living in this area for a very long time.

It’s possible to take a speedboat directly to the falls, be prepared to get wet as you go right under the falls. You can spend the whole day exploring this side of the waterfalls without even noticing time passing. After getting pretty wet, the Brazilian side of the falls offer a more calm but equally stunning view. You don’t get as close to the falls on this side, however you get incredible panoramic views that deepen the appreciation for their grandeur.  The Argentinean side offers an experience with a walking route along a series of boardwalks that take you very close. Around two-thirds of the waterfalls are located here, there’s plenty of opportunity to get close up to the falls and get soaked in the process.

Over 2000 species of vegetation are listed in the park, as well as 450 species of birds, including Toucans, parrots and vencejos, these birds only live in the park and can be seen swooping down vertically into the falls. Also mammals live in the park, and endangered species such as jaguars and ocelots.

Visiting Iguazu Falls is an emotional and unforgettable experience of a lifetime.