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$3180 / per person

The total solar eclipse will occur on July 2, 2019 and will be visible in all its splendor from the San Juan sky. It is a spectacular show that has generated  interest from thousands of tourists and those passionate about […]

$2835 / per person

Amazing Indonesia, a country filled with natural beauty and gems. On this journey explore the islands of Java, Sulawesi and Bali. On the island of Java discover ancient cultural treasures such as the temples of Borobudur and Pramabanan or the […]

$1811 / per person

The astounding Island of Java houses the most important archaeological remains of Indonesia, the temples of Borobudur – the largest Buddhist center in the world – and the set of Prambanan temples. Its excellent restaurants, bustling streets and markets are […]

$790 / per person

An unforgettable trip to see the wonders of India

$3330 / per person

Discover the wild face of Indonesia and the essence of this archipelago.

$3738 / per person

On this journey you will develop your senses to the fullest, rafting by the majestic Wampu river, entering the jungles of northern Sumatra through Leuser National Park coming across various animals such as orangutans, elephants and gibbons. The adventure will […]

$539 / per person

Explore the wonders of Iguazu Falls the 5 star way

$366 / per person

Visit the Iguazu Falls with a bike adventure into the jungle

$348 / per person

Delve into nature and culture experiencing one of the 7 Wonders and meet the original inhabitants of America

$378 / per person

Combine nature and luxury on this unmissable journey

$1849 / per person

Discover Vigan, one of the oldest towns in the Philippines - a place where history and culture come alive.

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